SEO dos

This time I want to share with you the SEO dos – Things to make sure to include whether you are hiring and SEO company or do the job yourself.

SEO dos:

  • You have to be committed to the process. SEO requires a long term commitment.
  • Patience. You won’t see instant results.
  • Use only one H1 header per page.
  • Have your Web Analytics tool installed.
  • Make SEO friendly URLs.
  • Conduct a keyword research from the beginning.
  • Build a great website with a sitemap page.
  • Use a relevant and unique title for every page.
  • Add social  media sharing button.
  • Regular update your website with fresh content.
  • Create link-building. Links that come from other sites to your site.

Of course the list could go on but let me know your SEO dos and write a comment.

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  1. Never assume that SEO is a one-time event or investment because the search engine algorithms are dynamic elements and change at the blink of your eye and thus the SEO strategies and tactics that you have worked for the season may not work this season. That is why search engine optimization requires a solid long-term commitment as well as outlook.

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