PPC Training – Creating Great PPC Ads

Surveying Your Competition

After fulfilling your preliminary research work you need to understand and list the advantages your competitors believe are their most important ones, and gain inspiration for your own organization’s list.

Back to my example if you are a Jewelry Designer think about the following:

  • Do you offer handcrafted jewelries?
  • Are your jewelries unique?
  • How do you offer your jewelries?
  • Do you sell through a store or website?
  • Do you offer exclusive jewelry?
  • Do you offer a large selection of jewelries?
  • What makes your jewelries special compared to your competitors?
  • Do you accept jewelry returns?
  • Do you offer a higher quality?
  • Are your jewelries convincing?
  • Is your price competitive?
  • Do you offer something extra?

That is Surveying Your Competition from the Creating Great PPC Ads series.

My next post is going to talk about the fundamentals for your ad group keywords.

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