The Domino Project – A New Publishing Venture by Seth Godin

What is the Domino Project?

What happens when a publisher has a tight, direct connection with readers, is able to produce intellectual property that spreads, and can do both quickly and at low cost? A new kind of publishing, the brainchild of Seth Godin, and powered by Amazon. Visit the Domino Project website to learn more.

Seth Godin is reinventing what it means to be a publisher, and along the way, spreading ideas that we’re proud to spread.

I read the Poke the Box Workbook and I am fascinated by Seth Godin’s approaches. You can download the Workbook on the right hand side of my blog under HOW ALL GOT STARTED.

Seth Godin really wants to push us to get out of our comfort zone, to get over our fear to initiate projects.

As he quotes:

“What would our world look like if more people started projects, made a ruckus, and took risks?”

Download the Workbook now and read many questions but most importantly the answers have to come from YOU.

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