How to personalise your in-store experience

Recently I read a great article on Econsultancy’s blog about the future of digital marketing where  House of Fraser’ E-commerce director Andy Harding laid out his predictions for how multichannel marketing will develop in the next few years.

Being passionated about finding synergies between the offline & online world today I felt I had to share these quotes with you:

 An effective multichannel strategy is the Holy Grail for retailers, yet the technology currently available only allows us to join up part of the customer journey.

Digitising the in-store experience is key. Multichannel customers are three to four times more valuable than single channel customer each year.

There’s a lot of digital in our stores now. You increase sales of a product three-fold just by having TV looping information about a product. The use of QR codes and iPads is also key to giving consumers a personalised experience.

Do you agree with these predictions? How would you like to see your in-store experience improved? What’s your take on this?

Please write a comment below and let me know.

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Audio Postcast by Seth Godin- Quitting

Audio Podcast:

Quit the wrong stuff, stick with the right stuff – Seth Godin

Quitting is often a great strategy, a smart way to manage your life and your career. Sometimes though quitting is exactly the wrong thing to do… – Seth Godin

Enjoy the audio podcast and by the way, I still need to catch up reading The Dip and I am going to do it right now;-)

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Neil Gaiman’s speech at The University of the Arts

You Can Learn A Lot From Someone Who Makes Comic Books is a recent blog post from one of my favorite bloggers Mitch Joel. Not only did I take the 20 minutes to listen to this powerful speech, as Mitch asked to, I also felt I had to share it with you.

I am a loyal reader of Mitch Joel blog and when he says that it’s in our best interest I really try my best to take the time to read or listen to the content he shares with us. You should take your time too. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to make mistakes;-)

Read more about Neil Gaiman on his website.

The University of the Arts article: Neil Gaiman’s commencement advice internet sensation

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