How to personalise your in-store experience

Recently I read a great article on Econsultancy’s blog about the future of digital marketing where  House of Fraser’ E-commerce director Andy Harding laid out his predictions for how multichannel marketing will develop in the next few years.

Being passionated about finding synergies between the offline & online world today I felt I had to share these quotes with you:

 An effective multichannel strategy is the Holy Grail for retailers, yet the technology currently available only allows us to join up part of the customer journey.

Digitising the in-store experience is key. Multichannel customers are three to four times more valuable than single channel customer each year.

There’s a lot of digital in our stores now. You increase sales of a product three-fold just by having TV looping information about a product. The use of QR codes and iPads is also key to giving consumers a personalised experience.

Do you agree with these predictions? How would you like to see your in-store experience improved? What’s your take on this?

Please write a comment below and let me know.

Image courtesy: Feliciano Guimarães


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