What are your favorite productivity tools?

My Productivity Tools - Copyrights Claude Oggier

Thanks to many passionate bloggers out there, who like to share with you great tips on producivity tools I also wanted to let you know my favorite productivity tools.

iPhone Notes – I do quick temporarily notes with my iPhones and decide whether I process the information to Evernote / Toodledo or not. If not, I simply delete the note.

Evernote – With Evernote I am collecting the information I am interested in. You can grab ideas instantly. It can be a photo,short film, a web page or just simple text.

Toodledo –  Not only to organize but also to plan my to-do tasks list.

Personally I try not to exceed more than 3 productivity tools so I can keep a clear overview of all my tasks.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin announced Evernote Business during LeWeb12. Check out the video.

A great book read regarding productivity is Getting things done by David Allen

What are your favorite productivity tools?

Are you planning to change tools?

My information process works well for me and I am going to stick to my iPhone Notes, Evernote & Toodledo in 2013.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and I wish you already a Happy New Year:-)


Do Goals Suck? Tim Ferriss vs. Leo Babauta

You may have asked yourself these questions already a hundred times and you can’t find answers…

What’s it going to be like when you reach your goal?

Will it make me happy or healthier?

What is next?

It keeps going and there never seems to be an end…is that bad?

As Tim Ferriss points out, accepting things is important. I think we can’t keep running trying to achieve all our goals. Sometimes achieving only half of a goal may give you complete fulfilment.

Listen to Leo Babauta and Tim Ferriss where they debate about goals.

Original post: http://zenhabits.net/timvleo/

Follow  Leo Babauta on Twitter or his website at http://zenhabits.net/

Follow  Tim Ferriss on Twitter or his blog at http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog

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