Automated Storytelling: Kris Hammond for the Future of StoryTelling 2012

This video, Automated Storytelling by Kris Hammond of the Futre of Story Telling 2012 blows me away. Velocity is catching up on me…;-)

Bryan Eisenberg’s books (Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?, Call to Action, A/B Always be testing) have taught me the fundamentals of web marketing and last week I read his article Marketing Analyst, You Better Up Your Game  you have to read and watch.

Are you surprised as me?

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E-mail Marketing – Still part of your Marketing Strategy?

Email vs Social Media

Social media being a hot topic I was wondering if your e-mail marketing is still an important part of your marketing strategy?

I believe social media needs to be integrated in your business strategy to enforce e-mail marketing more than ever. E-mail continues to evolve with features that make your content easy to share and which makes it a great relationship building tool. It becomes crucial not only to listen but also to respond in real-time (as good as possible) to your customers. Amazon is doing a great job in that matter where many brands can only dream of.

Play by the rules. Once you have the permission to deliver relevant messages to the people who want them you can start sending emails with the correct frequency, optimised for the right device, which contain the right type of content for the recipient.

What are your thoughts on this?

Reading and hearing so much about social media online I just felt to drop a few lines to highlight the importance of your e-mail marketing strategy.

Okay, lets go back to do our homework if you haven’t done it yet;-)


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