My New Book Read – Born To Blog

I just ordered the new book of the authors Mark W. Schaefer & Stanford A. Smith.


Excited to start reading! (I love the cover)

Find out more about the authors:

Mark W. Schaefer  twitter profile – Chieftain of the social web’s most unique blog, {grow}. Consultant, college professor, author of Return On Influence and Tao of Twitter. Social Media Bouncer.

Stanford A. Smith twitter profile – Obsessed with content marketing, blog promotion, blog marketing, and blog design. Visit his welcome tweep page;-)

Born to blog cover

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Enjoy reading and Happy Easter!


Unplug & Recharge – Ski touring ascent to Rosa Blanche in Verbier, Switzerland

In 2 days it’s supposed to be spring but winter seems to be back these days in Switzerland. Like most people I guess, I don’t really enjoy freezing weather in the winter but thinking about beautiful winter sceneries makes it much easier to handle for me. During my holidays I joined a few friends (unfortunately without my wife for good reasons) for ski touring and the ascent to Rosa Blanche (Verbier, Switzerland) kept it’s promises. Astonishing views during the whole ascent accompanied with a great physical effort made this trip once again memorable.

May it be during holidays or over weekends the mountains allow me to unplug and recharge. May it be by skiing, alpine touring, snowshoeing or simply walking in the mountains and spending time with my family.

How do you unplug & recharge?


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