Beyond Marketing – Stay healthy

Hi people,

I think you agree with me that 2021 has yet been another challenging year. We constantly need to adapt to new situations, may that be professionally or privately. 

Let me share with some of my personal experiences in 2021. Everybody was hoping the get back to normal but the normal doesn’t exist anymore. I changed jobs, family members were tested positive, my 2 kids were quarantined and the uncertainty continues.

To wrap up 2021 I would like to encourage you to look after your personal health beyond anything else. Without being healthy, we can’t tackle the other challenges.

Daily Outdoor activities help me to recharge constantly my batteries and give me the mental strength I need to be at my best.

What kind of routines do you do for your personal health and well-being? 

Please leave a message in the comments section and don’t be shy.

Greetings from the beautiful Swiss mountains and stay healthy.

But remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands, everything is going to be alright.

Cheers people and talk to you soon again.

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