About Me

My name is Claude Oggier and I am a Swiss marketing coach & consultant based in the Geneva area with over 20 years of experience in demanding industries such as education, banking, luxury or FMCG.

Claude Oggier Portrait

Fluent in English, French, and German (Swiss German), I always put myself in the customer’s shoes because the customer is in control today.

In a world where businesses continue to be disrupted by technology, there is an urging need to put the human element at the heart of everything we do.

Loving marketing, I am caring about human connections and helping people realizing their business goals through human-centered marketing and technology in a digital world.

Once you have established a human-centered strategy, by all means, let technology help your company to be more receptive, useful and create meaningful customer experiences. Make the consumer’s path to your product or service fast and easy.

Let me help you build a more profitable business through human-centered marketing where you want to be more human and connect with your biggest fans.

My philosophy:

  1. Learn by experimenting & doing
  2. Educate yourself & be helpful
  3. Be curious & Start now

I stand for: being helpful, being positive, honest, human, respectful and open-minded.

I am also a father of 2, husband, marketing & sports addict, open-minded and the opinions expressed here represent my own. Please note that I am not a native English speaker and do my best to write in a simple, understandable tone of voice. Any feedback is more than welcome and I won’t feel offended;-)

I possess extensive hands-on experience among medium and large multi-cultural companies such as IMD Business School, Cornercard Bank, UNOSDP, IUCN, CHANEL, Nespresso & Wall Street English.


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Enjoy and have fun,

Claude Oggier, Lake Geneva area.

Text or call me under 0041-76-473-4295

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