The New Nespresso Commercial in the US

Penelope Cruz Makes Nespresso For Jimmy Kimmel’s (@jimmykimmel) Staff and Jimmy isn’t thrilled that Penelope is distracting his staff right before the show.

I really enjoyed watching Jimmy Kimmel and thought to share with you the new Nespresso commercial that is currently running in the US.


Disclosure: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and don’t  represent Nespresso’s positions, strategies or opinions. Nespresso had no editorial control of this content. 



How Sport Helped me To Learn Fast from Defeat

If you are passionate about football or any other sport, you know how it feels after losing a game. You feel devastated but don’t have time to let yourself  get down. Already the next day you go back to practice, debrief about the game and you are ready to focus on the upcoming game. Through practice you gain confidence and start to feel the power that you can win the next game.

In business you also have to learn fast from defeat in order to make better decisions fast.

Do you agree?

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