Do You Care Enough About Your Work?

Rosa Blanche Ascent in Verbier Switzerland
Astonishing view during our ascent to Rosa Blanche in Verbier, Switzerland


How may times have you already been asking yourself if you cared enough about the work you are doing right now?
Honestly I have been doing it many times and most probably you did too. You don’t need to be a freelancer to care enough about your work. Anybody can and should care enough about the work he/she is doing.

Did you already ask yourself the question; “What do you want to do?”

Not your job, but your work, now, tomorrow, and in the future.

Well, if you are struggling to answer these questions I recommend you start following Seth Godin who tells you to make something happen. I just signed up to his latest project “The Freelancer Course” and you should too if you want to make something happen and if you care enough about your work!

If you also sign up, please reach out to me so can learn from each other and we can contribute to the community.

Will you sign up?

Claude Oggier

Your Emotionally Charged Stories

Reading Mitch Joel’s blog on almost a daily basis I am not only fascinated by his writing style and marketing knowledge I am also thankful to his valuable content he shares with us every day. Recently he attended another Google Talk and got surprised by Dough Stevenson’s way of thinking about storytelling.

 We all have childhood memories and remember them like it happened yesterday. Why that? Because it was an emotionally charged event.


Original Article by Mitch Joel


Malcolm Gladwell Talks About His Book Blink

After reading Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers; The Story of Success I became even more curious to know more about his personality. Watching this video where he talks about his book Blink I think I already made the decision to buy this book too but still want to try to hold back for a few more days, if possible…;-)

PS – His upcoming book looks very promising too! David and Goliath coming out in October 2013.


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