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In order to broaden my knowledge in the field of online marketing I decided to join the PPC Market Motive course with Faculty Chair David Szetela. Online advertising expert David Szetela is currently president of music startup He was also recently voted Top PPC Expert by a poll of several thousand PPC advertisers.

If you want to get started with PPC I recommend you go trough first the slides below before you can find my previous blog posts to this topic with relevant case studies.

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PPC Training – Creating Great PPC Ads

The Headline – The Most Important Characters

Headlines work best when the search term is included. Include 2 or 3 of the same keywords in each ad group as well as modifying words that might correspond to the way people search.

Consider the following keywords in your ad group:

  • modern design
  • modern jewelry design
  • design jewelry
  • modern designer

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PPC Training – Creating Great PPC Ads

Writing great ad copy

Writing compelling ads is key if you want to succeed with your PPC campaigns. Let me share with you some key points you shouldn’t miss when writing your ad copy.

  1. You have to talk directly to the readers. Use words like “You” or “Your”. People respond better when you satisfy the searcher’s need or desire.
  2. Use Capital Case. Capitalize the first letter for each significant word and you’ll see an increase in your ad performance.
  3. Headlines work best when the search term is included.
  4. Your ads should emphasize the benefits of your offering.
  5. Tell people to take action. Don’t assume that people know what action you want them to take next. Be explicit and spell it out for them.


Great PPC Ad Copy Example

Up to you now to persuade me to take the action you want me to do;-)

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