How to apply a human-centered marketing approach

Marketing is complex today and in times where we are moving towards a subscription-driven, emotion-driven, ad-free, big brand loyalty-free world, it’s just getting harder and harder to build relationships with people.
I bet you agree with me and today companies and the marketing firms need to learn the new rules to attract prospects, to convert creativity, content, and conversations into valuable customers.

A human-centered marketing approach addresses exactly this problem where you need to ask yourself;

How can you help somebody by doing something that is important to them?

Let me repeat it. How can you help somebody by doing something that is important to them?

The next step is to keep the conversation going by creating a helpful user experience that brings them closer to make a decision at each stage of their journey.
This is creating human impressions instead of advertising impressions and imagine how much more efficient your marketing would be if we all applied a simple human-centered marketing approach.

I’m Claude Oggier and my goal is to serve and help companies to make better marketing decisions.

I hope you find this useful and please share this message has I think it’s important for any marketer to embrace a more human-centered approach in a marketing world today.

But remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands everything is going to be alright. Well, cheers people from the Swiss mountains. It’s just a beautiful, sunny winter day and I’m just very grateful.

Talk to you soon again. Bye.

Greetings from a Swiss mountain guy;-)

Claude Oggier

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Why I Struggled To Demonstrate A Social Media ROI at Nespresso

Hi people,

I’m saying hi from Gland, the place where I live with my wife and two children. I’m privileged to live very close to the water and to see the Mont Blanc. Well, unfortunately not today. But believe me, I get to see the Mont Blanc very often. It’s somewhere there in the back. Right now, it’s a little bit cloudy.

So people, today I’m reflecting on one of the great experiences that I had in my career at Nespresso and my biggest struggle.

Let me be very honest with you. Clearly, my biggest struggle was to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) from social media. My struggle was to measure accurately the customer’s interactions from various touch-points with the brand, but most importantly to show evidence in terms of dollar benefits coming from social media.

At that time, it was still hard to set up properly, the tracking and to combine different datasets from different digital channels. Plus the data from analytics was showing discrepancies.

Now what would I do differently today?

I would not over-focus on the return on investment but rather demonstrate the brand-building benefits from social media that go beyond short term dollar benefits.

I mean, you tell me, how do you want to measure word of mouth, peer to peer interactions or human connections?

I would further highlight customer satisfaction. For example Tennis star Stan Wawrinka who was not sponsored by Nespresso but frequently posted on social media his Nespresso moments.

Make Nespresso customers the heroes and demonstrate it through mini-videos you can share on your digital channels.

And here is how.

Create emotions and unique experiences by inviting your brand ambassadors to an event where they can demonstrate their creativity with coffee capsules. I mean, one person created a bathing suit out of coffee capsules. Doesn’t this just show their love for the brand, and I’m convinced they will share their story with other people in a heartbeat.

People, this is scaling human impressions, instead of advertising impressions, which is just much more powerful.

I hope you find these insights useful and I would love to hear your marketing challenges.

And of course, I’m wishing my Nespresso friends all the best during the Christmas period. And obviously, I can’t wait to discover a new Clooney clip soon.

Well, but also remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands, everything is going to be alright. And I’m sure Nathan agrees with me;-)

Cheers people from Gland and talk to you soon again from another great place. Bye.

Greetings from a Swiss mountain guy;-)

Claude Oggier

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