Digital Transformation is About People

Yes, I can’t stress out enough about the fact that today’s digital transformation is foremost about people. People who have the right mindset and who think and speak digital.

Do you have the right people and team in place to lead this transformation in your business? A team who redefines your success and defines outcomes?

If yes, through my slides below, you can discover a digital marketing roadmap on what I believe is needed, in the digital world, if you want your business to create value for today’s (high expectation) consumers.

Oh And yes, this road can get muddy and messy but what counts is to get started now!

What does your digital marketing roadmap look like?

Mark Schaefer’s Blog – GROW– Author of the book: The Content Code (Affiliate link)
Danny Brown – Auhtor of the book: Influence Marketing (Affiliate link)
Avinah Kaushik – Author of the book: Web Analytics 2.0 (Affiliate link)
McKinsey Insights:

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Claude Oggier

Market Motive Online PPC Advertising Training and Certification

David Szetela and Scott Milrad are going to kickoff the 2010 Market Motive Online PPC Advertising Training and Certification today.

Due to a strong cross over in today’s market students can also benefit from the other Market Motive training material which include SEO, Social Media, Web Analytics, Conversion, Fundamentals and Online PR.

I am excited to learn from bestselling authors & speakers:

David Szetela
When David Szetela speaks, people listen. He’s frequently heard at Search and Advertising industry events like Search Engine Strategies, SMX, PPC Summit and MarketingSherpa Summit, not to mention on his weekly radio show “PPC Rockstars” at

Alan Rimm-Kaufman
Alan is the founder of the Rimm-Kaufman Group, a leading paid search agency that was named to Inc. Magazine’s list of Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America in 2008. Before founding the Rimm-Kaufman Group in 2003, Alan worked as the Vice President of Marketing for the Crutchfield Group where online revenues grew by 450% during his tenure.

Mary Kingsley Huffman
Mary Kingsley Huffman is a founding Partner and Executive Vice President at Ionic Media, a “thought-leading, multi-channel media optimization agency.” She speaks regularly on the topics of landing page development and testing, B2B marketing and conversion improvement and is the former Director of Marketing at Overture.

Bryan Eisenberg
Bryan is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on online marketing, conversion and marketing analytics. One of the co-founders and CPO (Chief Persuasion Officer) of Future Now, Inc., Bryan has been helping companies realize that to maximize results it is essential to incorporate expert persuasion techniques and a deep understanding of customer behavior into all marketing efforts.

Michael Stebbins
Michael Stebbins, a recognized marketing strategist, web analytics inventor, speaker and former VP of ClickTracks, is CEO and founder of Market Motive. Michael focuses on the recurring process of Internet marketing measurement and specializes in online lead capture and conversion techniques.

Read more about the founders and faculty at Market Motive

Claude Oggier

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SEO dos

This time I want to share with you the SEO dos – Things to make sure to include whether you are hiring and SEO company or do the job yourself.

SEO dos:

  • You have to be committed to the process. SEO requires a long term commitment.
  • Patience. You won’t see instant results.
  • Use only one H1 header per page.
  • Have your Web Analytics tool installed.
  • Make SEO friendly URLs.
  • Conduct a keyword research from the beginning.
  • Build a great website with a sitemap page.
  • Use a relevant and unique title for every page.
  • Add social  media sharing button.
  • Regular update your website with fresh content.
  • Create link-building. Links that come from other sites to your site.

Of course the list could go on but let me know your SEO dos and write a comment.

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Claude Oggier

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SEO don’ts

Always good to catch up with some Web Developer friends and to listen to their latest work & insights.

Today still many companies miss the point of simple SEO don’ts. How about to review some of the basics.

Some SEO don’ts are:

  • Don’t stuff keywords in your footer page with colored or hidden text. It’s old school.
  • Don’t stuff keywords in your meta & image alt tags. It’s old school.
  • Don’t obsess over Google RankPage and don’t check your rankings every day.
  • Don’t post your most valuable content on secure HTTPS pages. Spiders don’t index those.
  • Don’t black-hat tactics and play illegal ways to game the system to your advantage.
  • Don’t make your site uncrawlable. Avoid developing an all Flash, all Graphic or all AJAX site.
  • Don’t wait too long in implementing SEO. When building or revamping a site SEO start on day 1.
  • Don’t create multi pages with same content.

Of course the list could go on but let me know your SEO don’ts and write a comment.

Please avoid these pitfalls and keep things simple.

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In my next article I will share with you some dos.

Claude Oggier

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Basic Web Analytics metrics for anyone

What are your basic questions when you open your Web Analytics tool at work?

1. How many visitors came to our Website?

2. How long did they stay?

3. How many pages did they visit?

Simple questions that anyone can answer. How you interpretate the data is another story.

I am following Avinash Kaushik on his blog to keep up with his great articles and work. I read his book “Web Analytics an hour a day” and he came out recently with a new book. Web Analytics 2.0.

Claude Oggier

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