Contextual Online Marketing Explained

Certainly you remember from my previous messages that high-performing marketing organisations create exceptional user experiences. Let me explain to you where online advertising fits into this and more specifically google search ads. The google search ads experience helps people to accomplish their task at hand or achieve the value they seek in the moment. 

This brand experience is called “Available”  in the context framwork by Mathew Sweezey. It’s the opposite of a forced brand experience where you push your message to the largest audience possible and see what sticks.
The ultimate brand experience you are seeking is when people find you on their own. 

Let me recap for you; You can think of forced experiences as magazine ads, billboards, TV or even online banner ads. Direct experiences range from emails to social media engagements and google search ads. The apex of organic experience are found by the people on their own time.

As always I hope this was useful for you and please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts with me.

But remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands, everything is going to be alright.

Cheers people.


June 24, 2009, The day marketing changed forever

June 24, 2009, marks the day when private individuals – not brands, not businesses or traditional media outlets – became the largest producers of media in the world.

That day certainly felt like any other day for you and me but what happened is a game-changer for marketing, especially in a world where more and more people dislike advertising. 
And I feel guilty to some extent as a marketer to continue to try to get people’s attention with intrusive marketing such as ads in Youtube videos for example.

But I am committed, committed to change and to rethink what we do, how we do it, and to put the customer back in the center of everything we do in marketing to simply break through the noise and to motivate the consumer to act.

Mathew Sweezey describes in detail the context marketing revolution and I can only encourage you to join the revolution in helping consumers at each stage of their journey to achieve their goal in the context of their moment.

I hope this resonates with you but remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands, everything is going to be alright.

Cheers people, have a lovely day and talk soon again.

Source: June 24, 2009 – Limited media era vs infinite media era

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