Icarus Deception Official Trailer – Seth Godin

I just purchased the Kindle edition of the new book from Seth Godin and I am really excited to get started reading. Watch the Icarus Deception Offical Trailer and get hooked too;-)

Quotes from Seth Godin:

Art is frightening. Art isn’t pretty. Art isn’t painting.

But art is who we are and what we do and what we need.

Happy reading;-)

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Time to End Malaria – Help to Make A Difference

Ever since Seth Godin has launched the Domino Project I was hooked to see what is coming up next.

I am very pleased to contribute to the End Malaria project and I would like you to do the same. You get a world class book by 62 authors and you help saving someone’s life.

Download the Kindle or paperback edition. The affiliate link to the book on Amazon is End Malaria.

Read more about the End Malaria Project:

Do Some Good. Right Now. Today by Mitch Joel from Six Pixels of Separation

Tote bag marketing by Seth Godin

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