The Power of Small Data vs Big Data

Hi people and hello from Lausanne. The city I moved to, let’s say in the 20th century but honestly, it still feels like it was yesterday. It’s just incredible how time flies.

Today, I would like to share with you my point of view regarding the hype around big data or machine learning. I mean, yes, big data offers a valuable but incomplete solution. Harvard Business Review studies and Martin Lindstrom, a branding expert and book author of small data agree that to fully understand your customers, you need to integrate both big and small data.

The power of small data is in teasing out clues to what consumers really want by spending time in focus groups listenings online research communities or most effectively, homes watching.

Martin Lindstrom says further; “intriguingly, we’re now turning the tables on the internet by circling back and finding human, not digital insights about ourselves based on our own unconscious online behaviors.”

Without understanding how your customers think, feel and act, you are unable to deliver an exceptional experience. Bottom line, today if you want to make the right decisions for your business, both small and big data combined, need to be applied in order to enhance the customer experience.

Hopefully this video is valuable to you. And as always, don’t be shy and reach out to me to discuss your marketing challenges. I would be more than happy to help.

But remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands everything is going to be alright.

Well people, cheers from Lausanne and I talk to you soon again from another great location. Bye.

Greetings from a Swiss mountain guy;-)

Claude Oggier

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In Which Direction Blows The Wind In Marketing in 2020?

Hi people,

and hello from Parc de Milan in Lausanne. That’s the place where I normally go for my daily lunch walks when I’m in Lausanne. I mean, you overlook “lac léman” and the mountains. It’s just beautiful. And to me, that’s just what I need to refresh my mind and to get some fresh air over lunch.

People, today, I wanted to take a minute with you to share with you my three marketing ideas for 2020. I think if you focus on these three ideas in 2020, you will contribute to the success of your company, no doubt.

First idea – marketers needs to continue focusing on providing exceptional customer experiences through innovative brand driving activities.

Second idea – know your customers better than your mother by understanding clearly your customer journeys from your on- and offline touch-points. For example, a prospect engages through a phone call, direct email or digital engagement.

The third idea – create exceptional emotional stories to inspire people and to propel your brand story forward through your customers, because
the customer is in control today.

These are my three main ideas for 2020. And this year, my source of inspiration was coming from Mark Schaefer’s new book called The marketing rebellion, where he predicts that the most human company wins, and I fully support his prediction.

Now it’s up to you who inspired you this year to make better marketing decisions? Let me know in the comments section, and I would love to hear from you.

But remember, as long as the Matterhorn stands, everything is going to be alright.

Cheers people from Lausanne and talk to you soon again from another great location. Looking forward to it. Bye.

Greetings from a Swiss mountain guy;-)

Claude Oggier

More marketing questions? Call me at 0041-78-637-4314 and I am happy to help.

Automated Storytelling: Kris Hammond for the Future of StoryTelling 2012

This video, Automated Storytelling by Kris Hammond of the Futre of Story Telling 2012 blows me away. Velocity is catching up on me…;-)

Bryan Eisenberg’s books (Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?, Call to Action, A/B Always be testing) have taught me the fundamentals of web marketing and last week I read his article Marketing Analyst, You Better Up Your Game  you have to read and watch.

Are you surprised as me?

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