How Sport Helped me To Learn Fast from Defeat

If you are passionate about football or any other sport, you know how it feels after losing a game. You feel devastated but don’t have time to let yourself  get down. Already the next day you go back to practice, debrief about the game and you are ready to focus on the upcoming game. Through practice you gain confidence and start to feel the power that you can win the next game.

In business you also have to learn fast from defeat in order to make better decisions fast.

Do you agree?

Have a good day,


Do Meaningful Work in 2013

Do Meaningful Work

Hopefully all of you enjoyed a couple of days off to spend time among family members and friends and you  feel recharged to tackle 2013!;-)

My question for you is: What are you planning to focus on in 2013?

I want to make progress in meanigful work.

Meaningful work that gives me

  1. Emotions
  2. Constant motivation
  3. Personal satisfaction

to maintain a good sense of purpose in everything I want to tackle in 2013. It applies to my private and professional life.

Have you started doing meaningful work?

I would be happy to hear from you and have a good start into 2013!



Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin

Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth is Seth Godin’s new FREE manifesto you have to read and share with your friends, colleagues, basically people you care about.
I also heard it before. We are all struggling in finding time to read, to get things done and most importantly to find time to live a fulfilled life.

Reading Seth Godin’s domino projects have changed my state of mind and hopefully yours soon too. Don’t find another excuse in pushing off what you just wanted to do and do it now. Start reading his manifesto and start taking actions into something meaningful you can be proud of yourself.

Being a father means taking on more responsibilities which starts very early with our kids eduction. Don’t you also want only the best for your kids?

Dedicated to every teacher who cares enough to change the system, and to every student brave enough to stand up and speak up.

Claude Oggier

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