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In order to broaden my knowledge in the field of online marketing I decided to join the PPC Market Motive course with Faculty Chair David Szetela. Online advertising expert David Szetela is currently president of music startup He was also recently voted Top PPC Expert by a poll of several thousand PPC advertisers.

If you want to get started with PPC I recommend you go trough first the slides below before you can find my previous blog posts to this topic with relevant case studies.

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My Klout Influence Summary

I like to look up my Klout report from time to time because it helps me to get an idea of the people I am tweeting about most and about my Twitter style;-)

According to @klout, I’m influenced by: @Szetela @markwschaefer @chrisbrogan @cshirky @sengineland and I could not agree more.

  • @szetela – David founded Clix Marketing one of the few agencies paid according to their performance and he is Faculty Chair at Marketmotive
  • @markschaefer – How a Blog Went From Zero to AdAge 100 in Nine Months? Ask Mark;-) Start reading his blog
  • @chrisbrogan – Learn How Human Business Works – Beyond Social Media. Get inspired
  • @cshirky – Clay Shirky tells you how change happens when people come together. Here comes everybody
  • @sengineland – Search Engine Land is a must read hub for news and information about search engine marketing & optimization

How do you feel about your Klout score?

Do you have the information I should know about and I should start following you?

Let me know and I will be happy to take a look at your content.

Claude Oggier

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PPC Training – Creating Great PPC Ads

The Headline – The Most Important Characters

Headlines work best when the search term is included. Include 2 or 3 of the same keywords in each ad group as well as modifying words that might correspond to the way people search.

Consider the following keywords in your ad group:

  • modern design
  • modern jewelry design
  • design jewelry
  • modern designer

Claude Oggier

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PPC Training – Creating Great PPC Ads

Surveying Your Competition

After fulfilling your preliminary research work you need to understand and list the advantages your competitors believe are their most important ones, and gain inspiration for your own organization’s list.

Back to my example if you are a Jewelry Designer think about the following:

  • Do you offer handcrafted jewelries?
  • Are your jewelries unique?
  • How do you offer your jewelries?
  • Do you sell through a store or website?
  • Do you offer exclusive jewelry?
  • Do you offer a large selection of jewelries?
  • What makes your jewelries special compared to your competitors?
  • Do you accept jewelry returns?
  • Do you offer a higher quality?
  • Are your jewelries convincing?
  • Is your price competitive?
  • Do you offer something extra?

That is Surveying Your Competition from the Creating Great PPC Ads series.

My next post is going to talk about the fundamentals for your ad group keywords.

Claude Oggier

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