Podcast: Power, Influence And The Social Web With Mark W. Schaefer

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Power, Influence And The Social Media With Mark W. Schaefer

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I listen up when Mitch Joel and Mark W. Schaefer talk about Power, Influence and the Social Web.
Give it a shot, you won’t regret! BTW it’s also worth to listen to the song at the end;-)

Read and listen on to more useful content from Mitch Joel and Mark W. Schaefer:


You can find the original posts here:

Six Pixels of Separation blog post by Mitch Joel

Business Grow blog post by Mark W. Schaefer

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Does Advertising work in Twitter?

I am a big fan of Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation blog and in his Blog post from yesterday, Broadcasting Works (Even In Social Media), Mitch describes how mass media advertising and broadcasting in Social Media can work. I highly recommend to read his Blog post and below I wanted to show you graphically what the Disney Pixar Promoted Tweets look like. Connect to Twitter and check it out!

Disney Pixar Promoted Tweets

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First Promoted Twitter For Toy Story 3 Aims to Infinity And Beyond!

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